We are very proud of our American and Texas Heritage. Having had family members that fought in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Battle for Texas Independence, and World War II. As a result we were raised with an understanding of the cost of freedom. We felt it was a natural connection for the company to take on the name of TEXIAS since that is where we have operated for over forty-two years.
We have posted some links related to our family’s Texas Heritage that you might find interesting and educational. My father and mother, James H. and Harriett McCrocklin, both served in World War II. Jim was a second lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps’ 3rd Amphibious Marines and Harriett dropped out of medical school to join the Waves as a pharmacist mate. After participating in the Battle of Okinawa, Jim went on to join the military’s governance force and was part of the China Marines. He served as military governor of Tangku Province in China and was one of sixteen marine officers assigned to guard Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek in 1945. Upon returning from the Pacific Theater he was offered a teaching position at Northwestern University in Chicago. Unable to find housing, he turned the offer down and accepted a position teaching government at Texas A&M University (formerly Texas A&I) Kingsville. In 1964 he was appointed as the president of Texas State University (formerly Southwest Texas State College) and moved the family Hays County.
After getting to Hays County I learned more about my grandfather, Jesse Lindsay (Lindsey) McCrocklin, who actually received the first Mexican Land grant in Blanco County from Ben Milam as Empresario for the State of Coahuila and Texas in June of 1835. That Mexican land grant lies less than 14 miles from where my parents purchased their residence in Wimberley in 1964.
Along the years, I also learned about the fourteen family members, including John Asa McCrocklin the first native born (December 16, 1834), that served in the Texas Rangers. We have posted copies of several letters that were written by one of the Rangers, Daniel A. Rees, back in the 1860’s along with a journal that was written in 1892 about his experiences in the Texas Rangers in 1849. There are only six pages of the journal that were found but they tie back to another posting, an autobiography, by Jose Policarpo Roridguez, a Tejano Ranger Scout.
We hope that you enjoy these postings.
Blanco County Families For 100 Years
General Land Office
Gone to Texas!
Henry Nowlin Frontier Times
Jesse L McCrocklin Historical Marker
John Asa McCrocklin
Jesse Neal Messer
Mier Expendition
Veterans of San Jacinto

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